Financial planning to achieve your future goals

We all plan a little to manage our income, savings, expenses, future obligations (money we expect to spend in the future), regardless of whether we understand anything about financial planning or not. As long as we can manage this well, maybe it’s not the best way to do it, or not the best results. While […]

5 reasons not to save in college is a good idea

Good. You caught me. Indeed, not saving from college from time to time is a bad idea. From time to time I come across parents who tell me they don’t skimp on college to increase the chances of their child getting financial aid. The view is that the availability of money allows colleges and the […]

Lessons Learned from Bankruptcy

Even if you know that bankruptcy is the right choice, thinking about the long-term consequences you will face after deciding your case can be unpleasant. Most people look at their bankruptcy as something they never want to do again, but as a situation they have learned from. By dealing with such a debt in this […]

The effects of the financial crisis

The financial crisis is an ugly situation that no reasonable person would like to feel, because it leads to very drastic results that can reduce wealth and living standards. Unfortunately, recessions are sometimes unavoidable. Cases are inevitable as a result of poor government policies, unemployment and adverse economic conditions. The good news is that human […]

Drown in debt? Bring back your life!

Most Americans owe several thousand dollars of unsecured debt. The source of this debt problem comes from people who are constantly spending their budget. Soon they receive a living wage before payment of wages with redemption and return of vehicles only through a couple of salaries, if so far. Debt problems create tension in the […]

Lesson 2 – The goods of kings!

What is the “Goods of Kings” Power is simply “the ability to act.” Power has long been a commodity of kings. Initially, power came to those who were the strongest physically. Later, it came to those who inherited a special legacy thanks to royal power. to those who had the greatest wealth or capital. Today, […]