Keeping habits: The key difference between the rich and the rest

Since the invention of money, the creation and accumulation of wealth has always been the main goal of people and society. This topic is becoming increasingly relevant today due to the increasing cost of living in a competitive, globalized society. People who have managed to crack the wealth code can enjoy a higher quality of life, especially in the future.

But there is one critical difference that separates the rich from the rest, which decides who to push to unlimited wealth and who to leave behind: keeping habits.

The fundamental difference between the rich and the middle class can be seen in their saving habits. The middle class follows the habit of making and spending money, which looks like this:

  1. Earn

  2. Spend

  3. Save

If a typical middle class person gets paid, he will spend most of his income almost immediately and then try to save the rest of the money. Often all that is left to save after all costs are small. Even if they manage to raise wages, their costs will somehow catch up with any increase in their wages. Thus, the typical middle-class person always has a compromised savings account.

Compare this to the habit of earning and spending the rich, which looks like this:

  1. Earn

  2. Save

  3. Spend

Whenever a rich man receives money, he immediately puts aside a percentage of his earnings on a savings account. For example, he may dictate that 30% of his monthly income each month goes smoothly into savings. So the rich pay first to themselves before they pay anyone else at the expense.

Contrast this with the habit of earning and spending the money of a typical middle-class person who spends first (and thus pays everyone else) before paying himself.

So the message in the first stage to wealth is always to pay first. Of course, this requires discipline and the ability to resist deferred pleasure. Save a minimum of 10% of income, even if you are still in debt, and then spend the rest on needs and debt repayment.


Savings are the first step to rich wealth. You’ll be surprised to learn that many people will even struggle to save a healthy amount of money each month! So if you are able to take this step properly, you will be one step ahead compared to a population that can’t even save a decent amount.

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