Tips for correcting a bad credit score

When it comes to personal finances, many people falsely think that fixing a bad credit score is virtually impossible. The most notable in this group tend to belong to a class of people who have been in debt for a significant period and are now either facing the prospect of credit default or foreclosure. For […]

Why enroll in an accounting course

If you are a manager, supervisor or specialist, you may want to consider enrolling in an accounting course to become familiar with the key financial aspects of your industry. Similarly, if your organization has responsibility for revenue, cost control, or investment, this training program can give you additional insight, boost your professionalism, and day-to-day performance. […]

A guide to financial freedom for the average family

Bill and Mary Tuhi, authors A guide to financial freedom for the average family, make an average middle class salary. Mary is the head of the office and Bill is the state counselor for rehabilitation. With low incomes, they achieved financial freedom and ensured that their needs were met through retirement. Their book is a […]

A first-class wealth expansion network

Saving money is seen as investing money in a commercial / private bank account, a certificate of deposit, savings bonds, mutual funds or money under a mattress (without interest). They are considered lazy assets and they do not accumulate much interest, perhaps most of what you accumulate is 3% -5% if you are lucky. Especially […]

Cost-effectiveness of filing for bankruptcy

Once a bankruptcy decision is made, it is necessary to consider the costs associated with the process. Many people who declare bankruptcy do not have much money, otherwise they would not be able to tell about the bankruptcy. The first and most obvious cost that a debtor will incur is the fees of a bankruptcy […]

What makes TimesPro PGDBM XL best in its class?

The banking sector in India is poised for strong growth as technological advances and policy reforms continue to give impetus to growth. A well-developed BFSI sector is a prerequisite for economic progress, and that is why today the banking sector places great emphasis on enhancing the overall customer experience by providing the best and individualized […]